Desktop theme - Organ
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These instructions are included in the ZIP file (Lisezmoi.txt)

To install and fully enjoy the Organ desktop theme you will need:

Create a directory on your harddrive to download the theme to or download them to where you usually download files to.

After you download the theme:
Load WinZip and open the "" file.
Click on 'Extract'.
In the 'Extract to' box put "C:\" (the path is already specified in the Zip file)
Make sure 'All Files' is selected.
Make sure there is a check next to 'Use Folder Names' and 'Overwrite Existing Files'.
It will automatically create the theme's directory and put everything in it's appropriate place.

To activate the theme: click 'Start', point to 'Settings', click 'Control Panel', and then double-click 'Desktop Themes'. Choose the Organ theme from the dropdown list.

To uninstall, just delete the files listed on the 'Preview page' or in the included "Lisezmoi.txt" file.

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